Recover in Easy Steps

  1. Run "Access Recovery Software". Given below interface will be seen
    Install SQL Recovery Tool
  2. Browse Access database file fron local system by clicking "Browse" button
    run software
  3. From local system select the access database file and click "Open"
    select database
  4. After browsing Access file , click "Recover" to repair corrupted segements of Access file
    recover items
  5. Scanning of database file is shown by bar. All items of database are deeply scanned by tool
    progress status
  6. Items are recovered with complete data and with their key relationship. To preview items data, double click on item.
    export options
  7. Enable any file format to export database: CSV format export file in MS excel application format and mdb file format export database in MS Access application.
    storage location
  8. Enable schema option to save database with header and content. Only schema export database with header only and schema & data export database with header and content of the database
    file schema
  9. Click "Export" to store recovered database into local system
    export file