MS Access File Recovery

Perform intact Microsoft Access database recovery and easily get repair MDB and ACCDB Files with their components.

Access Recovery Tool To Fix Access MDB Database Files

Microsoft Access is among the most used database application worldwide as users get large number of features that allow them to store and manage data in efficient manner. Records, contacts are easily maintained in Access mdb or accdb database file.
With the time, Microsoft released different versions of MS Access Application with additional features. Two file format are supported by application that are, Accdb and Mdb file format, Access 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 support Accdb file format and other previous versions support mdb file format. Mostly users switches from .mdb format to .accdb file format and this modification lead to corruption of database. To repair mdb or accdb file from such corruption users can use MS Access Recovery Tool.

Microsoft Access Recovery Features to Fix MDB or ACCDB Database Error

recover Microsoft access .mdb/.accdb database

Deeply Scan Access Files

Microsoft Access Recovery Tool fix mdb error by deep scanning the database and take effective action to recover access file without affecting accuracy and integrity of the database. All items are stored in complete hierarichal format.

advance technology recovery

Advance Recovery methods

Database files that are password protected are securely recovered by MS Access database recovery software and also maintain primary and unique keys relationship when fix access database, tables connectivity remain same so user can easily use.

preview table

Preview Items before Export

Users can also check the database items in Microsoft Access file recovery before exporting the content to the local machine, to verify accuracy of recovered data and can export database to csv or mdb format and use them without any problem.

Multiple language supported

Recover Multiple Langauage Data

MS Access Recovery Tool algorithm can also restore the outfitted information within database tables in some other language other than English. The entered information in other areal accent, no issue MDB recovery tool can get the details and repair them all.


Compatibility & Supports

The MDB recovery tool works perfectly with the concomitant Microsoft items:

  • MS Access Database: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and all below versions.
  • Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Win 8 and all below versions.
save table

Export & Save data

After fixing corrupted MDB data, the Access recovery tool gives two choices to save the repaired Access database record. You can either choose default location or choose any new path on the PC to Export & save the data.

MS Access MDB/ACCDB File Recovery Software

MS Access Recovery Software

Access Recovery

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Version 3.3

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Note:To export and use the recovered database must go with license version of the tool.


Software Requirement


How to Repair Corrupt Access Database Using MS Access Recovery?

Mostly access users faced file corruption issues and user do not have any idea how much these corruption can affect their Microsoft Access database. In most cases mdb database file corruption do not let the user to open Microsoft Access database file , but in some cases tables and other items of access database get corrupted and user cannot perform the task due to severely corrupted Access database worthy items.

Reasons for corruption varies, but few reasons are most common such as Virus or malware, sudden system shut down, power failure, on occurrence of these activities, accdb file corruption occurred mostly. When user faces such issues and other isssues in accessing their access database then they can use our Access recovery software to fix access mdb error and repair corrupt access mdb file items back to hard disk in few minutes. Application several features make user comfortable to work.

Access file items such as tables, queries, macros etc are efficiently recovered. Microsoft Access Recovery Tool is compatible with all Access versions 2013/2010/2007/2003 and previous versions. Database data does not get hampered during recovery, as mdb recovery software repair & recover only corrupted parts, does not make changes in other parts of database.......Steps to repair Access Database

Access Database Repair Software developed with user friendly interface, so that user can easily use each mdb & accdb recovery tool features efficiently without any technical knowledge. User can download MS Access Database Recovery Tool demo version to check and take the test of its features.

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Frequently Asked Question

Using this MS Access recovery software can we recover all the componenet from the MS Access MDB Database File?
Can MDB/ACCDB repair tool Combat with all types of coruption?
Yes, MS Access database repair tool is programmed to comabat with all types of corruption and fix access database coruption issues.
Will Microsoft Access recovery software recover the data stored in multilanguage within corrupt .mdb/.accdb file?
Yes, MS Access database recovery tool is efficient to recover multilangauge data from corrupt access database file?
Can we repair multiple MDB file using this access file recovery tool?
NO, At a time user will be able to add & repair only single .mdb file.
Does the tool repairs the .accdb file created on MS Access 2013?
Yes MS Access Recovery tool's latest version 3.3 is capable to fix MS Access 2013 database file.
What makes MS Access Database Recovery Tool a unique toolbox?

There are number of features that are responsible for the success of tool, these features make it best and different from other software that are available in the market.

  • Repair Corrupted Access File: Minutely scan and fix mdb file errors to make Access database function in proper manner.
  • Recover Access Database Items: Items such as tables, macros and other items of access database are recovered by software.
  • Preview Items: Recovered items after fixing corrupted access database, can be easily previewed by user to check recovered data accuracy.
  • Export Database: User can export database file to local system with complete security and safety as software intact the database content under complete protection from corruption.
Why should someone purchase this MS Access Database Repair Tool?

Most of the times user is unable to locate the proper product because of number of non-trustful companies, those offer software at cheap rate and on purchasing software from those company user found himself cheated as their recovery software is in-capable to recover the files, due to all such reasons user feels fear to purchase software but now user have not to worry as our company provides complete trustful software with recovery of access corrupted data successfully without any harm to the file.

Things that user should keep in mind before purchasing Access repair software

  • Don't Get Carried Away by Fake Boasts: User can found many products assuring to repair Access database files accurately and safely without any loss of information. Most of the users found them complete genuine supplier of the product and carried away by them and get cheated as they provide software that is completely useless. To check the assurity of the product speed time in reading details about the tools and do proper analysis.
  • Test the Demo version of Access Database Repair Tool: Before purchasing, user must test the demo version of that tool to verify the features that are explained about software are working or worthless. By testing tool user can easily judge that tool is perfect for its use or not. Demo version clears most of the important things about the product, which help user to know about the performance of tool.