Access Database Recovery Tool – Repair Access File Instantly

Microsoft Office Access or formerly known Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. All database tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules are stored in the Access Jet database as a single file with MDB file extension. Corruption of accdb or mdb File can create a number of problems to users, to repair access database, user can use Access recovery software to fix mdb file error, and can continue working on file

  • Security and integrity of file is maintained by tool. Database data code are preserved by tool to protect data from virus or malware functioning
  • User without technical knowledge or non-technical user can also use the software to recover corrupted access database

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Features of Access Recovery Tool:

  • Scan mdb or accdb file: Scan corrupted access mdb or accdb file every bit to fix error and repairmen of broken segments of file. Database components such as tables, queries, macros are accurately repaired by tool
  • Recover Deleted Items: Tables, macros and other items of access file may get deleted due to any reason, all are recovered with complete meta properties of database
  • Preview Recovered Items: Access mdb or accdb items that are repaired by tool can be easily preview by user to check the content and data items that are successfully recovered by tool
  • Save in MDB or CSV: Saving options such as MDB or CSV are provided by tool, MDB files are accessible in MS Access and CSV files are accessible in MS Excel application.
  • Export with schema: Export database with only schema or Schema & data. Only Schema export database with metaproperties and title of database table, whereas schema & data export database with schema as well as the content of table

Reason and Errors responsible for corruption of Access File

MS Access Application provides number of features that make user comfortable to work. But there are number of possible reasons for access accdb corruption, due to internal and external activities. Reasons for corruption varies from system to system, but few reasons are most common such as Virus or malware, sudden system shut down, power failure, on occurrence of these activities, accdb file corruption occurred mostly

Besides these issues there are other reasons that are summered and group into following category:

  • Software issues are malfunctioning of application, file management application corruption, operating system failure
  • Hardware issues are crash of hard disk, network device malfunctioning, accessing file over remote connection
  • Accessing mdb or accdb file from external media such as cd, floppy disk etc are main lead for the corruption of database file
  • When Access file is used in multi-user environment, then database easily corrupt due to possible reasons:
  • Concurrent modifications made to database by multiple users at same time
  • Exit from database in improper manner