Powerful MS Access Database Restore Software

Microsoft Access: Access database application is a component of Microsoft Office suite. It is a fusion of a relational Jet Database Engine, a user-friendly interface and multiple software development tools. Microsoft Access database program is widely used by a vast majority of users for the creation of simple database solutions. This database also contains a query interface, forms to display & enter data, and reports to print.

System.mdb File: All the database components (including tables, queries, forms, reports, etc) are stored in the Jet database as a single file, which is called the System.mdb file. This is often referred to as the System Database.

Possible Reasons for System .mdb File Corruption: System .mdb file corruption can occur due to many unexpected and thus unavoidable reasons like the following ones:

  • File system damage
  • Virus or Trojan infection
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Malfunctioning in the software
  • Some incompatible database element
  • Invalid database component imported etc

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Error Encountered after Corruption: When you attempt to access or initiate the MS Access database after the System.mdb file has got corrupted, then you may encounter the error stating, "Couldn't open SYSTEM.MDB"

MS Access Database Inaccessibility: When you see the above-written error message on your screen after system.mdb file corruption, then it is quite likely that your data stored in MS Access database can become inaccessible to you. This can even halt several Access dependant important operations.

Why This Might Happen? The root cause behind the emergence of the above given error message can be the corruption in an internal database flag set.

Feasible Solutions: To resolve the error and repair corrupt Access file to get back database contents, you can attempt the following feasible solutions:

The Inbuilt Compact and Repair Tool: To repair corrupt Access data file by resolving error 'couldn't open System.mdb' for making the Database usable once more, ; you you can get back your database by Repair utility. (Note: Before executing this Compact and Repair utility operation, make sure that all users on the network, who were accessing the database, are logged out of it). After corruption, this inbuilt Compact and Repair utility helps you to regain the wasted space and also enables you to repair and restore database of MS Access.

Valid Backups: You can also restore Access database contents from a recent backup. However, if you have not been maintaining backups, then you can use the other recovery option, which is to use a third-party MS Access database restore tool.

Third-party MS Access Database Restore Tool: If in case, the inbuilt Compact and Repair tool fails to repair corrupt Access database, and you don't even have an updated backup copy of that data, then the option of using a third-party MS Access Repair Tool is one of best ones for you. One such tool is Corrupt Access Database Restore software, which you can easily use to resolve error 'couldn't open System.mdb'.