Recover MS Access Data after Resolving MSysObjects Table Corruption

MS Access MSysObjects Table: System Objects in Access database have a number of tables that hold useful and important information about your MDB (Master Database) files. One of these tables is the 'MSysObjects' table, which holds comprehensive info about various objects (including forms, triggers, reports, queries, stored procedures etc). All objects of MS Access database come handy when the database is first documented. For accessing system objects, you have to set 'Views/Options/General/Show System' objects as 'yes'. A very useful feature of MSysObjects table is the critical information, which is provided by 'DateUpdate' and 'DateCreate' columns on the Microsoft Access database objects. You can use the 'DateUpdate' column for forming the 'Last Update' query. This can tell you about the reports, modules, or forms, which are changed within any particular time period or since some specific date.

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MS Objects Table Corruption: Under certain adverse situations, MSysObjects table gets corrupted or damaged. In such cases, you cannot access or use the database objects. And thus, database becomes completely inaccessible to you and you are likely to face data loss issues.

Possible Reason behind MSysObjects Table Corruption: MSysObjects is basically a hidden database table in MS Access. You cannot make modification to it directly. When you attempt to alter the table using some alternate method (like by running a script or a query), this table can get corrupted or damaged. In case of MSysObjects table corruption, you can lose access to the database objects. This behavior sometimes leads to harmful results like database inaccessibility and even data loss. In order to get back your database contents, Access database recovery is necessary.

Error Encountered after MSysObjects Table Corruption: When you attempt to modify this damaged MSysObjects table, you might encounter the error message stating: "Record(s) cannot be read; no read permission on 'MSysObjects'.

Recover MS Access Data: In order to overcome this problem of MSysObjects table corruption, you can entrust Access Recovery software that will help you to repair corrupted files and Recover MS Access Data contents. This Access repair software can help you fix MDB file very easily and recover all MDB file objects (including tables, reports, forms, queries, views, etc) in a small fraction of time.